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Our dogs are making choices all the time. They are individuals after all. They will make choices dependant on how they feel in that moment, much like we do.

In our Lifeskills class, we will help you to teach your dog new ways to respond to situations. We will help your dog make choices that are more acceptable to us!

For example, if your dog sees a squirrel bounding across the field, how do you suppose he will respond? What choice will he make? Most likely, he will choose to chase after the squirrel because it is unpredictable and exciting! We will teach your dog a new way to respond, a new choice, if you will, and that choice will be to stay with us! After all, we are the absolute best, in our dogs eyes!

Lifeskills is a fun and valuable class for you, for your dog, and even for us! We love to watch you succeed! We will help you enhance the relationship that you have with your dog through games-based training.

This class runs for 6 weeks. Each class is 45 minutes long. However, if you do your homework and you and your dog are eager to learn more, we may offer you additional time to learn something new and enriching! 

The 6 classes follow our lesson plan including time for review and discussion on struggles you may be having as well as time to show off what you've learned so far! Class is meant to be fun! So, let's have FUN!!

Lifeskills Fee is $210 inclusive.

To Register, fill out the contact information below and leave a brief description with your goals and struggles. We will contact you as soon as we can from so please be sure to add us to your contact list so you do not miss our response! We look forward to hearing from you!



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