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Small Dog Daycare

A safe place for small dogs to feel comfortable being themselves.

DDI Daycare - About Us

We are a small family run and owned business. Our training barn and daycare are held on our little farm in Duncan, BC. We feel that small dogs deserve to have their own special place to go to feel comfortable and confident being the best small dog they can be. This is why we decided to open DDI Daycare for Small Dogs. 

Laurie and her husband, Mike, have long been a safe haven for small dogs. They have taken in numerous dogs over the years that have required special medical or behavioral care; little dogs who were not able to be adopted out. This has lead Laurie, and her daughter/training & business partner, Kyla, on the journey to dog training, and now daycare. We're excited to meet you and your little one!

What to expect

Dogs are individuals and we love this. It is important to us that the dogs have a good time and this includes time for calm and good manners. There will be plenty of opportunities for your dog to play and explore during the day. There will also be time for active rest and calm, so they may process all the excitement. Likely, each dog will also get some one-on-one time with a trainer to learn a new behaviour or strengthen an old one. 

The goal is to enrich each dog physically and mentally throughout the day while remaining thoughtful and calm. This goal will evolve over time as we grow and discover each dogs needs.

Daycare Info

DDIs small dog daycare will be for dogs 25lbs and under. For any dog wanting to come to daycare, there will be a screening process. Please contact us for more information or to set up an appointment. We will require the completed contract and vaccination records returned to us prior to this meeting.

Daycare Hours

Because we are a small, family run business, we have come to realize that we can not do everything! We love to train and teach so we have decided to save days for that. Our daycare will only run three days a week. By appointment only.



More information such as days, times, fees, etc. can be found here.

DDI Daycare FAQs

We understand that you may have a 12-hr workday. We've been there! That's why we have decided to make special consideration for Essential Workers. Please contact us to discuss.

Unfortunately, we can not offer overnight or extended stays at this time. Perhaps we will revisit this in the future. 

Essential Workers


I'm Running Late

Yep, that happens! We get it! We know that life can throw a curve ball and catch us by surprise. We ask that you communicate with us as soon as possible if this happens. But please know there may be additional charges depending on the situation.

Do you drop ins?

At this time, we are not doing drop ins. We can only allow so many dogs in our space, safely. Therefore, all Daycare dogs must be scheduled and must first complete the screening process.

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