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Our Story

We are still writing it and can not wait to see where this journey takes us! We would love it if you would join us in our adventure!!

An Idea is Born

We have experienced the regular training classes (through attending, teaching, and/or assisting) and we decided that there needs to be more to it! We want more for our dogs! We want the learning to be fun for both the human and the dog! 

Kyla Hillard

Hi! I am a mom and dog trainer here in the Cowichan Valley. I have had some challenges between my daughter and my older dog... Because of this, I have realized the importance of educating our children on the body language of dogs. I want to encourage them to make good choices when playing with or greeting dogs.

Laurie Wright

I am caregiver to seven wee Chihuahua crosses. My fourth Chihuahua, Belle was sick when I adopted her, such a sweet little thing. As she gained her strength her personality shone through, much like a cat, lounging on the table, trotting in the other direction when I called her, cuddling occasionally on her terms and very vocal. My household became chaotic, because of this I sought out positive training. Belle likes to learn, as do I. And I would love to share it with you.

Why Us?

We are not just a typical training class. Our focus is on wellbeing, positive experiences and building confidence. We want you and your dog, together, to feel comfortable in class and outside of class.

Family is important to us! We would love to share what we've learned and help deepen the bond between you and your dog.

Our hope is to help enrich the lives of canine companions in the Cowichan Valley by educating families on canine body language and positive training methods.  

We love the idea of community and hope that you and your family find Dogs Dig It to be a fun, educational, and relaxing place to be!

All our classes are offered as group or private classes using a blend of Tellington TTouch® and reward based training. We use only humane, kind and respectful methods to teach desired behaviors. Our first priority is to ensure both handler and canine companion are comfortable. Then, the fun can begin. Most of our classes are taught using two instructors to maximize individual attention.

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