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Dogsafe Canine First Aid 101

This course is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills to deal with a sick or injured dog until veterinary care is available. The topics are covered in-depth so that students have a thorough understanding of the principles of canine first aid. Since this is a very comprehensive course, we need your full attention and dogs do not come to class.

Upcoming Classes...

All classes will be held on Saturdays from 9:30 - 5:00

July 27, 2024

October 26, 2024

January 25, 2025


Dogs Dig It Training Barn

Duncan, BC

General Information

Hours: 8 hours

Maximum Students: 12

Prerequisite: None

Minimum Age: 14 years/10 years if parent also enrolled

Registration: $160

CEUs: see here

Registration closes one week prior to class date.

Minimum student requirement or class may be rescheduled. Funds will be refunded or credited towards next class.

** For those who are recertifying, contact us to see if you qualify for a discount **

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You'll Learn How to:

  • prevent common injuries

  • conduct a head to tail assessment

  • tell if your dog is experiencing pain

  • recognize 4 signs of illness or injury

  • respond to any emergency in 4 easy steps

  • safely approach an injured dog

  • take your dog's vital signs and 3 other health tests

  • perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

  • perform artificial respiration

  • remove an airway obstruction (choking)

  • prevent and treat for shock

  • control deadly bleeding

  • respond to penetrating objects

  • prevent and treat eye injuries

  • prevent and treat abdominal wounds

  • recognize risk factors and respond to bloat

  • prevent and respond to drowning

  • assess and respond to bone and joint injuries

  • prevent and respond to poisonings

  • prevent and respond to frostbite and hypothermia

  • prevent and respond to heatstroke

  • treat minor burns

  • treat and manage wounds

Our Training Techniques

Dogsafe courses are designed to make complex topics more easily understood and we teach through seeing, listening, moving and doing, which improves knowledge retention. This means that you not only learn topics on course day, but are more likely to retain the information for the future when you'll need it. Effective, but fun too!

Our training techniques include:

  • instruction

  • demonstration

  • hands-on learning

  • discussion

  • question & answer

  • and videos

Our Training Tools

We bring the learning to life with:

  • canine resuscitation manikins

  • plush demonstration dogs

  • bandages

  • first aid kits

  • even fake guts, eyeballs and more!

Dogsafe® Course Manual Included

DOGSAFE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know in an Emergency, by Dogsafe creator, Michelle Sevigny is included with Dogsafe Canine First Aid 101 course registration ($18.95 retail value). The 116 page comprehensive manual includes 56 real-life photographs and is spiral bound for durability. The course training and reference manual is reviewed by veterinarians, including Dr. James Lawson, Chief Animal Health Officer of the BC SPCA.

Please check out the Dogsafe website for loads of information on canine safety, free downloads, and free community projects!

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