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Hey guys! Long time no chat, I just wanted to update you guys on Hadley a little as I am a proud momma.

Hadley is an AMAZING walker now and we often even venture on the downtown streets because Hadley is no longer afraid of any people and is easy to control around other leashed dogs if we have room to not interact with them. She is also going to Doggy Daycare once a week for socialization. She’s only been 4 times yet but so far absolutely no issues and is very polite when off leash with dogs. We’re happy and no longer dealing with separation anxieties.

Thank you guys again for teaching me how to teach her to live the life she deserves : a happy and healthy one!


Lex & Hadley - LifeSkills Students

Dogs Dig It Training and Services is the answer to a new dog owners prayer! If it is a puppy or mature dog the support and training you get (let's not kid ourselves whose being trained!) from Laurie and her daughter Kyla is so reassuring and practical, plus reasonable.

I was a 70 year old Granny with a Golden Retriever puppy, my family were against it but with the help and support I received from DogsDigIt I have the confidence and tools to make my new companion a well behaved memeber of the family. It's an ongoing project but 'Kya' and I are a team and I know I can always call on Laurie or Kyla if we need a refresher.

Situated on Room road in Duncan, easy to access and lovely qualified people. I can't recommend it enough. 

Leslie & Kya - Lifeskills Students

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