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Kyla is a professional dog trainer and Dogsafe Authorized Instructor. She graduated from the Professional Dog Training program with distinction in August 2016 and is proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

Hemi, a Golden Retriever cross, who looks like a Dutch Shepherd, is her training partner and the reason she found herself in the “dog world”! Hemi teaches Kyla a great deal in regards to training and canine language. Together, they will continue to work and expand their knowledge!

Bear, likely a Husky cross and a stray roaming around the North West Territories was rescued by Kyla’s husband from the freezing

northern winter and brought home. He is such an enthusiastic wiggler and an incredible addition to the family! He has taught Kyla a lot in the way of patience in training. Sometimes, things take a bit longer but the success is that much more rewarding!

When she isn’t working with her dogs, she is most likely spending time with her husband and two children. Together, they like to play board games, read, garden, woodwork, work on automobiles, and so much more!

Kyla is the co-owner of Dogs Dig It Training & Services Ltd. Their goal is to enrich the lives of families and their canine family members! Providing education to families and children about canine safety and canine language is very important to them. They provide services, which stimulate the dogs both physically and mentally, such as, tricks, scent games, basic manners, TTouch®, etc.

Kyla is continually expanding her knowledge on canine language and is often taking courses to continue to strengthen the bond between her and her dogs! She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with others!

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