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We have a variety of items that we make for our pups and we have made some for you to share with yours! All items are hand made by us with love for all our four legged family members!

Your four legged buddy should NEVER be left alone with any toy. Always supervise while playing and inspect toys regularly for any lose parts.


Training Equipment

First Aid

Snuffle Mats


Holiday Candy Cane Tugs

Holiday Critter Crackers

First Aid Kits - Large

Wash Bags

First Aid Kits - Small

Hip First Aid Kits - Basic to get you out of the forest

We assume no responsibility for damage to items or injury/illness to your pet. We can not guarantee how long an item will last as all dogs play differently.

Remember to ALWAYS supervise while playing. Dogs are too often left alone with something and end up injured.

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