Dogs Dig It 
Training & Services Ltd.

A unique blend of fun, force-free training for your family dog!


Group Classes

All classes also available as Private Sessions.

Little Rebels

Specializing in small dogs

A class designed specially for the little guys.  This is a good manners small dog class.

For small dogs up to 20 lbs.  

All Dog

Good Manners

Basics class for dogs young and old.  Teach your canine companion good manners and be proud to go out in the world with him!


Socialization and Education 

Introduce your puppy to new things and help them gain confidence and good manners from a young age.  A safe place to ask questions and learn basic dog training skills.  

For puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 18 weeks.


Are your walks or hikes getting a little boring?

Dog Parkour, also known as Urban Agility, is a fun and challenging sport which helps build confidence, overcome fears, and boosts your relationship.
Your dog will learn to jump, climb, go under, around, balance on, and even bounce off obstacles when asked. No expensive agility equipment required as we use obstacles found in the environment.
A specialized approach to the care and training of your dog.

A blend of gentle bodywork and movement exercises to help build confidence and calm your dog.
Helps with behaviour issues such as separation anxiety and chronic barking.
Helps to deepen the bond between dog and handler.


A fun class that both you, and your dog are sure to love!

Teach your dog fun tricks.  From simply rolling over to skateboarding to putting their toys away!
Work up to more advanced tricks, such as getting a drink from the fridge!

Scent Games

Sniff... Sniff... Sniff...

Dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise.  
Harness their natural desire for sniffing by playing these fun games.