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Meet & Greet is a prerequisite to all training services. This helps us to understand each others goals and concerns. We are better able to create a plan to meet your training needs.

Training Options

Choose from a predetermined class or choose to build your own! These classes are 6-weeks long and held at your house, or other prearranged location. Choose to 'Include A Friend', and make learning more fun!

Build Your Own

Please note that each behaviour has been given a number. Select any behaviours listed in the tables below that may interest you. Take the behaviours corresponding number and total them up. Your number, for Build Your Own class, can not exceed XX.

Include A Friend

The 'Include A Friend' option can be really fun! You may learn more and develop your observation skills while watching your friend(s) work with their dog(s). Please note that when you choose to 'Include A Friend', the behaviours in the build your own option, will have to be agreed upon. We will teach the same behaviours to all those in class!


All training sessions must be scheduled in advance.

Some restrictions apply. We reserve the right to refuse service and/or recommend additional or different services.

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